Use this page to create your refund request.


- What happens after I sign the message? A file containing your public key, base64 message, and base64 signature will be generated and downloaded automatically. - What do I do after downloading the file? Click the "Submit" tab at the top of this page to send your file to the Cashio team. - How do I update my message after I've already submitted? Create a new message with the same wallet and generate a new file - Where do I go for updates Join the Cashio discord to receive updates - How do I contact the creator of this site? DM @wireless_anon on twitter - Where can I find the code for this site?


Please include a numbered list of items (1-6) with the following information. 1. eth address to send the returned funds to. all returns will be done in eth. 2. the original solana wallet that held the cash or cash lp pair. even cash lp pairs that we did not take (like PAI/CASH or aeMIM/CASH) will be return since it is our fault they lost money to arbitage bots. 3. if the lp is held by other owner (like sunny or quarry) then a transaction proving that you own the lp and the account that you own is needed. this message will have to be signed by the account that you own instead of account that directly owns the lp (since that will be sunny or quarry). 4. if already sell or buy lp or cash, show transaction from before the hack to prove how much you had. 5. the amount of money to be return. 6. an explanation of the source of this money and why you need it back. more detail is better. money will not be refund to rich american and european that don't need it.